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We develop software applications, software effects and hardware processors and support the professional and personal growth of all music enthusiasts.

Audified’s innovative attitude to software and hardware development combined with their rebellious spirit has made them leader in the music industry. Whether you’re a producer, engineer or musician, Audified’s products and expertise will help you achieve your creative vision and take your audio projects to the next level. 


We are a team of developers, designers, producers and rebels who have a passion about music development and the work we create together. Our shared love for music and the music community drives us to create incredible things for you.



Audified was founded more than 20 years ago with the mission to level up the music production workflow, add new aesthetic value to their customers’ work while helping them achieve the best results.

The main goal of the Audified team is to continuously focus on shaping the future of technology in this area. That’s why we are dedicated to empowering music talents and fostering a community of music professionals who are driven to succeed and make a significant impact on the industry.



The rebels were born

Our roots go back to the 1990s when we started as DSound with the flagship product Stonp’nFX (SW guitar effects that enabled studio and live performance) and this paved the way for us in the industry. At the end of 2000, DSound changed its name to Audiffex and we started creating more plugins. We also established many collaborations with TC-Electronics and M-Audio, and during this time the first version of one of our most successful products was born – GK Amplification, a collaborative product with legendary bass amplifier builder Gallien Krueger. We also doubled down on our guitar plugins, which led to the birth of AmpLion.

Audiffex also focused on cooperation with the most important educational institutions in the country, such as the Janáček Academy of Arts and the Technical University in Brno. We were also responsible for establishing the first university study program in Audio Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies VUT in Brno. Future audio engineers, sound engineers and developers studied here, and many of them even work in our company today.


Oh man, that sounds good

Since 2015, we have introduced the new name Audified. This indicated a change in the company’s culture as well, focusing much more on products and effects and so we established our know-how of precise simulation of analog gear, which bloomed into beloved products such as the u73b Compressor, U78 Saturator, and RZ062 Equalizer. We have proudly ventured into additional product categories to meet the needs of audio professionals around the world. One of the categories in which we paved the way for many others was the simulation of reference devices. That’s why our most popular plugin of all time – MixChecker – was born.

2019 was one of our most significant years in history. We introduced the ToneSpot series – an all-in-one mixing station for all instruments. ToneSpot won praise and became a hit – proving that building a comprehensive product from the ground up without any templates or patterns is our forte. Audified was even approached by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic to develop a complete recording system for Czech courtrooms. We accepted the challenge and were able to design, build and test the system ourselves. Overcoming this challenge demonstrated and solidified our hardware and firmware know-how – an important asset we have in the company today.


The boys are back in tone

Audified has gone through many changes significantly in recent years, from management and core team to more agile development methods and targeted product management. These changes lead to the most significant changes we’ve made yet – blazing a new path to fulfill Audified’s potential and bring musicians, engineers, producers and creators the tools that work best for them.

With the launch of the new website, we bring a simplified and much more targeted product portfolio and a new licensing mechanism. We are rewriting our rebellion in the visual and corporate identity that we and our customers have been waiting for.

The future is bright – major upgrades to popular products and the use of AI technology to create new ones are already on the horizon. We can’t wait to share them with you!

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