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Boutique Studio Bundle

Let it be a hit

Timeless tools for timeless music

Rewrite the charts

Awaken new trends with golden-era gear

Authentic heritage devices

Faithful plugin recreation of German broadcast compressor/limiter unit U73b.

Crunchy analog presence

Two exact models of Klangfilm RZ062 vintage mastering EQ.

Mixable tube character

Enhanced saturation section from U78 Saturator, with added controls and filters.


Build a legacy sound

Forge your own vision with

U73b Compressor


Base your unique style on units that shaped pop and rock history. Spill the mojo all over your art with true-to-life models of legendary vintage gear.


RZ062 Equalizer

Shape your sound with a plug-in simulation of classic analog compression, EQ, and saturation circuits. Let your music benefit from their unmistakable color.


U78 Saturator

Make your tracks sound fuller and bigger while keeping them yours. Mix in a bunch of valve-like grit and still retain the dynamics of the original performance.

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Boutique Studio Bundle

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